Monday, July 15, 2013

I had someone ask if we can just re-string an old hazelwood necklace with new hazelwood beads, and the answer is, sure! cost? $9 for kid sized (up to 17 inch) $10 for adult 18-20 in. It would include new hazelwood beads, new wire, and new hardware as needed. You would just need to mail me the old necklace(you can cut off the old wood beads and toss--be sure to use wire cutters), and mailed in-   put your pretty beads in 1 layer of toilet paper for protection, just to be on the safe side, and definetly tell the post office to hand cancel.  Multiple order discount of 10% still applies!!!  So if you send in 2 necklaces, you get 10% off.  +shipping costs (usually $2 or less in USA).  Contact us for more info  :-)

How to send old jewelry in:  cut off old wood beads, if you can, with wire cutters (not scissors) wrap the  beads you are saving in one layer of tissue or kleenex, and place in regular envelope, take to post office, and have them HAND CANCEL.  If you use only one layer of tissue, it *should* cost you only one stamp, in most cases.  If you have a thick pendant, or something, it might cost more.  

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