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Hazelwood by Rebecca:
       Hazelwood by Rebecca
Hazelwood(Beaked) absorbs acids in the body that contribute to Eczema, heatburn, and itchy skin.  Results may be seen in 2 days-3 weeks, and continue to improve after that! :-) (although there is no guarantee, Hazelwood has truly helped our family, and we want to share it with you.)
*The effectiveness of Hazelwood typically lasts 3-9 months, and then they will stop absorbing acid, and you just have jewelry left.
Care instructions:
*Avoid oils/lotions/chlorine water, and too much soap
*It is good for the wood to get wet sometimes-it will make it work better, so rinse it occasionally with plain water, and gently rub.
*Hazelwood beads will change over time, the bark chip away, but they will still work.
*Children should only wear jewelry when being supervised by an adult.

Our goal is to create affordable, sturdy and beautiful jewelry that heals skin conditions.  thanks!  We greatly appritiate referrals and positive reviews!
Dawn and Rebecca Young (509)588-3451
Our very active facebook page:

More information:
Rebecca and Dawn's recommendations:
age 0-1 "Angel infant anklet" (adjustable)

age 1-2 "toddler anklet"(adjustable cable wire with sturdy lobster clasp)

25lbs to pre-school-- Necklace seems to work best, should be worn short enough to not go into child's mouth. Or wire adjustable-size bracelet (less likely to come off than a stretchy one) anklets are fine, too.

Kindergarten and up, Necklaces/bracelet/anklets are fine.  Little girls tend to prefer necklaces that are long enough for them to be able to see them when they are wearing them, but I think boys look better in shorter ones, but that is personal preference.  We have lots of different choices in pendants if you would like to custom order something.

How much is enough?
It varies.

Hazelwood-one bracelet/anklet is enough for most kids. Adults may or may not need 2 or more.  I see a dramatic difference in my bad eczema with just one, but I seem to get even more results with 2 bracelets, or 1 necklace. I weight 130 lbs.

Baltic Amber--I'm still learning, but here are some of our observations:  My 25lbs toddler has about 10 inches of amber for his teething pain (molars!)  and it really helps.  Our 10 lb infant had 3 inches, and that was enough for her, until she got older, and then needed more. One of my adult clients reported that she was getting some results with her 17 inch necklace.  My very mild carpal tunnel goes away with 3 inches of small chip amber.  Common thought is that for teething pain, amber needs to be worn around the neck.  I only put things around my baby's necks as a last resort. Although they do "breakaway" if caught, I just don't like, I don't recomend leaving them on while baby is sleeping, which takes away a lot of the time that the amber won't have to "work".   So, we are in the process of testing to see if anklets work as well as necklaces.  Check our blog if you want to know progress--I only update occasionally.

Conclusion:  Adults---the bigger the amber beads, or the beads that are oval and lay close to the skin would be recomendable, a second necklace would be a good idea if there is still pain.

What about amber color, does it make a difference?  Not that we can tell at this time. The lighter the color, the better it "may" work.  We will be purchasing some "butter" amber in the future, but at this time we don't have a lot of options in amber--mostly chip amber and pressed amber, we do have cherry and "rainbow".  It is all Baltic amber.  Mostly we are selling Hazelwood, and Amber is on the side.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New no slip baby anklet! Stays on baby! (unlike socks!)

No slip baby anklet for client, as reqested has Amethyst and pink river rock with Hazel and Baltic amber

Back side (hook and loop attachement)

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Etsy! here I come!  Very cool!  I'm discovering lots of neat things about etsy!  Its like having your own store---without having to work in it, and non of that over head.  I have about 8 items up to get started.  Exciting!  :-)  More later--etsy is awesome, but its taken me all week to figure it out!  I'm really NOT  a techy, as you can probably tell from this blog, lol.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amber and Hazelwood hand-knotted baby teething/eczema/reflux necklace

Amber and Hazelwood hand-knotted baby teething/eczema/reflux necklace.  Last night's project--I hand-tied these gorgeous butter-colored amber with some hazelwood for my 10 mth old baby.  I really like it, but I did make it too long--live and learn.....yes, baby loves being a model!  sorry, she's too wiggly to get necklace straight.  The purple is supposed to be in the middle.  Necklace is even, baby is wiggly!  I love this amber, but it does seem a little big maybe, for a baby?  opinions, please!   I think I'll do more of a pattern, and less of a center piece next time as well.  

cats eye glass $10

glass and riverstone.  Rose in middle is acrylic  Could be done in all pink, or other colors $10

black and hazelwood.  This is a very popular color combination $10

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My daughter is having a homeschool playdate today, and her good friend is her to play, so while they were eating their gluten-free cookies, I thought I'd get a free opinion out of her, and she declared this pattern her favorite (of the ones she saw.)  This is small-bead Hazelwood which means it is narrower, but still the same length as large hazelwood.  The producers of Hazel wood advertise it as being more appropriate for children, and I think that makes sense--a smaller piece of wood is going to absorb less acid, and children undoubtably have less acid in their systems.  This piece also has glass clear and purple.  We could do this in a necklace, or bracelet, or stay on baby anklet, and a pendant could be added upon request.  Also, I'm trying to figure out etsy!  Sooooo, etsy store is coming!!!  And I'm on twitter that redundant of Fb?  I don't know....I'll figure it all out.....eventually.  Time to put babies down for naps--see you later--!
Wear your Hazelwood!

Our original invention-the Angel Baby no-slip Anket

If you've had a baby of your own, or you been around babies a lot, you've noticed how hard it is to keep their socks on.  They are always slipping off and getting lost!  When our last baby was born, I wanted to put Hazelwood on her for her constant spitting up (probably reflux), but she was so tiny, I didn't feel comfortable putting a necklace on her, even though in tests the break-away ring (which breaks if caught on something)worked perfectly.  I wanted to see if I could come up with a practical alternative.  I invented the Baby no-slip anklet, because it is impossible to keep a sock on an infant, let alone a normal anklet.   The no-slip anklet has velcro for a secure fit, soldered rings for sturdiness, and extra thick cable.  They come in many varieties, 2-3 rows, with or without amber.  We're not sure if it works well for teething, since its not placed near the teeth, but many of our clients think its worth a shot.  It does seem to help some babies with reflux---If the problem stems from excess acid, Hazelwood will help.  If the issue is something else, it may not help. Our baby hardly ever spits up anymore, so it was a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT.  Our last 2 babies(who did NOT have hazelwood-because I didn't know about it yet) spit up ALOT till around 2 years of age.  It was crazy! 

 No-slip Baby Anklet, this is the back of one with lace.

Our original no-slip baby anklet-.  This one has "rainbow" amber between large hazelwood beads--Normally we use small hazelwood beads, and any color or colors can go between.
gift set -hazelwood and amber anklet for baby and matching amber anklet for mom $32 wholesale

This is a tiny premie stay on baby anklet, 2 beads would have been enough hazelwood, but we did 6.  It has lace on the hook and loop strap in back $15 wholesale

This one has oval pressed-bead Baltic Amber, and 2 hazelwood beads in the center row.  Purple Glass beads in the middle for decoration.  Strap is purple and blue tie-dye.  $15 wholesale.