Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our story--how Hazelwood (hazel wood) has helped our us!

I may add to this later, but this is a brief story of how our family was helped by Hazelwood.  My 3rd daughter had eczema from the time she was a little baby, behind her ears.  It would peel, as a mom, it bothered me more than her!  But, I didn't know about hazelwood until she was 3 and had developed itchy spots on her back and front.  They did bother her, and  the prescription from the dr didn't work to prevent them.  I got our 1st necklace, and within about 2 weeks they were gone!  It was awesome!  That necklace lasted 9 months, before it wore out and stopped working at which point I started making them for my own family.

I have had REALLY bad eczema since I was 19 years old.  It can take over my entire palm area, red, peeling, even bleeding.  I really did not think that it was possible for hazelwood to help me, so for a long time, I didn't even try.  But finally, I made myself a bracelet.  After 2 weeks, I could see improvement, and now, 90% of my eczema is gone! (pics to come)  I just have this tiny stubborn patch, and the base of my right palm, soooo much better than it used to be!!!  I am so much more comfortable, and I'm not "afraid" to wash dishes and do other things with my hands because of the stinging that used to happen when I touched soap with my rough and red hands.

So, the moral is, you really don't have to suffer through eczema, you can buy a very inexpensive necklace (or maybe even bracelet/anklet), and heal your skin!  Aren't God's creations amazing!?

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