Friday, November 29, 2013

Novemeber 2013 new pieces

Lots of Hazelwood on this one, turquoise chips inbetween.

Magnesite and glass beads with Beaked Hazelwood

good-sized Beaked Hazelwood with round Magnetic Hemalyke (for circulation)  plus its just cool!   

Magnetic Hemalyke (barrel shaped) and Beaked Hazelwood 

Gift set $32  Hazelwood and amber baby anklet + amber and glass anklet for mom.  

Our original Baby no-slip anklet  Small.  Amber and a little hazelwood.  Great for newborns.  $20 Wholesale price

Amber and glass anklet $15

shell, resin, glass and Hazelwood Necklace, available with or without pendant.  $15

glass and hazelwood Bamboo Coral pendant, available with or without pendant.  $15

Cats eye glass with locket that opens, and you can put a pic inside.  Any girl would love this!  $15

Light to dark blue necklace $15

Rainbow! Glass and Hazelwood

Glass and hazelwood. Add a pendant at no charge  $15

$15 available with or without lampworked pendant

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