Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our original invention-the Angel Baby no-slip Anket

If you've had a baby of your own, or you been around babies a lot, you've noticed how hard it is to keep their socks on.  They are always slipping off and getting lost!  When our last baby was born, I wanted to put Hazelwood on her for her constant spitting up (probably reflux), but she was so tiny, I didn't feel comfortable putting a necklace on her, even though in tests the break-away ring (which breaks if caught on something)worked perfectly.  I wanted to see if I could come up with a practical alternative.  I invented the Baby no-slip anklet, because it is impossible to keep a sock on an infant, let alone a normal anklet.   The no-slip anklet has velcro for a secure fit, soldered rings for sturdiness, and extra thick cable.  They come in many varieties, 2-3 rows, with or without amber.  We're not sure if it works well for teething, since its not placed near the teeth, but many of our clients think its worth a shot.  It does seem to help some babies with reflux---If the problem stems from excess acid, Hazelwood will help.  If the issue is something else, it may not help. Our baby hardly ever spits up anymore, so it was a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT.  Our last 2 babies(who did NOT have hazelwood-because I didn't know about it yet) spit up ALOT till around 2 years of age.  It was crazy! 

 No-slip Baby Anklet, this is the back of one with lace.

Our original no-slip baby anklet-.  This one has "rainbow" amber between large hazelwood beads--Normally we use small hazelwood beads, and any color or colors can go between.
gift set -hazelwood and amber anklet for baby and matching amber anklet for mom $32 wholesale

This is a tiny premie stay on baby anklet, 2 beads would have been enough hazelwood, but we did 6.  It has lace on the hook and loop strap in back $15 wholesale

This one has oval pressed-bead Baltic Amber, and 2 hazelwood beads in the center row.  Purple Glass beads in the middle for decoration.  Strap is purple and blue tie-dye.  $15 wholesale.  

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